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Employees of Q1 and Q2!

Employees of Q1 and Q2

We’re pleased to announce that Lisa Widdowson and Agata Kozera have received our award for Employee of Quarter 1. Also, Niamh Powton has received our award for Employee of Quarter 2. Congratulations!

Employees of Quarter 1

Such is the high quality of our nominations that often we struggle to make a decision. This Quarter was one of those times! Both Lisa and Agata have made a big impact.

Lisa Widdowson – Production Team Leader

Lisa has proved to be a great asset. Even though she’s not been in this role for very long, she’s shown good leadership and management skills, and has been very supportive to all other team leaders. She’s demonstrated her understanding of the importance of advanced planning and has communicated and liaised daily with Warehouse on the requirements for the Department for Education.

“Personally, I could have not asked for a better person to work

with, everybody likes Lisa and they also think she a great team

leader” – nomination

Lisa - employee of the quarter

Working this closely with our Warehouse team, she’s ensured stock is picked on time and space is created for each job. The collation process went well for KS1 & KS2 and KS1 Distribution was successful. 

During this time, Lisa and her team helped Warehouse in terms of organising the pallets to be handed over correctly as per the trailer plan, and keeping that team informed on any issues or stock damages.

Agata Kozera – Senior Production Operative

agata - employee of the quarter crop

Agata went above and beyond to support everyone on a day-to-day basis and has led by example. She provided training and support to new staff and ensured that quality checks were completed. 

She also stepped up to manage jobs from start to end. She managed IQVIA collations, plus Frank Green, L’Oréal and Totally Wicked activities. She set jobs up, completed timesheets and quality checks, reported data at the end of the job (including any shortages or damages) and cleared the area of leftover stock. 

“Agata is versatile and is willing to take on new challenges, she

also provides support and guidance to her colleagues to ensure

they fully understand job requirements and that jobs are being

completed correctly”- nomination

Employee of Quarter 2

Well done Niamh and everyone else who was nominated this quarter!

Niamh Powton – Senior Client and Customer Support Advisor

niamh - employee of the quarter

“Niamh is very knowledgeable with all clients and can interject

with any queries raised within the team, she can support all

members of staff in the department, understands operational

impacts by client and knows all the systems to enable

self-serving”- nomination

One complex job had 3 separate events – and all had delivery issues and cost implications. Niamh was able to deal with these and the costs that applied were very satisfactory to our client! She also covered and supported the STA lines and has proved herself to be a great team player.

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