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Blackburn Youth Zone Member Joins Granby!

We are very proud to announce that a member of our patron charity, Blackburn Youth Zone (BYZ), has joined the team here at Granby in production. Alan Chabrzynski, 16, who moved to Blackburn at six years old, joined the business in August as a temporary weekend production operative.

We interviewed Alan to find out more about his experience working at Granby and how he’s found being a member of Blackburn Youth Zone.


How has Blackburn Youth Zone helped you, particularly with boxing?

“Before starting boxing, I was really lazy and didn’t really go outside as much. Since I joined Youth Zone boxing, I started to be a completely different person. Boxing training made me happier, and I got better and better at it as time went on and started to be more active. Boxing also taught me how hard life can be and to not give up because boxing is not an easy sport and you pretty much sacrifice your whole life once you turn pro, which I’m hoping will happen one day.”

What are your plans for the future in boxing?

“In the future, I would hope to get into professional fights and get as much experience as possible.”

What made you choose Granby as a workplace?

“I have chosen Granby as a workplace because my family member has worked at Granby before and recommended it for me to be where I get my first job.”

How have you found working at Granby?

“I enjoy it. All the people are respectful and are always helpful. I have learnt a lot in Granby as well, mainly what it is like working at a marketing warehouse and some other skills that will be transferrable in the future jobs.”

Do you see yourself returning to Granby in the future?

“I see myself returning to Granby in the future as it was fun working there and I will never forget the amazing experience I’ve had there.”


“BYZ changes lives, as it did with mine 🙏.”

To find out more about Blackburn Youth Zone and the fantastic work they do, visit their website here.

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