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A day in the life of Jo Kimber, our Managing Director!

Jo writes about what her ‘typical’ day is like at Granby…

What is your typical day?

A typical day for me would be spent around tasks that are planned, for example

  • Management meetings, reviewing finances and 121’s with my immediate team.
  • Attending client meetings, which latterly has been via teams/zoom/google hangouts etc.
  • Working on strategic objectives – projects such as re-developing our website, reviewing pricing and our service offering.
  • Business development – researching new opportunities and responding to tenders/costing opportunities.

But generally, I see my role as directing traffic – being there for the team to offer advice but ultimately make decisions to enable everyone to get on with the tasks in hand.

What is the most rewarding aspect?

Most rewards aspects are seeing the business and people grow.  I love to hear about individuals being promoted or moving into a different area in the business, the financial growth of the business is so rewarding as it’s a sign of everyone’s’ efforts and allows us to re-invest.  It’s great to go to a client meeting and they are positive about the work we do and want us to do more for them because they trust us.  I often come away from client meetings saying I love my job! Over recent times I’ve also been able to step back from the day-to-day running of the business, which is a result of Andrew’s promotion to Operations Director and the strength we now have in the leadership team with Dave, Victoria, Caroline & Paul, so that’s been rewarding having been involved in some of their development to see them step up and take on the responsibility.

What is the most challenging aspect?

Most challenging aspect of my job is being responsible for the final decision – I’m only human, but every decision I have made has been based upon solid analysis at the time and always with the best intention.

Favourite Quote?

“A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water. – Eleanor Roosevelt


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