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2021 Census: Granby awarded high profile logistics contract

Census 2921 form headerWe are proud to confirm that Granby have been awarded the high profile Field Force Logistics Contract for the 2021 Census by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Following a highly robust tendering process, which took place over a 12 month period, our dedicated project team are now embarking on the planning and implementation phase – in time for the 2019 rehearsals taking place later this year.

Granby join a number of suppliers to help ONS deliver the census across England and Wales.

The contract, which is essential for the bulk distribution and replenishment of non-technical stock items to the Census Field Force team, is a high profile contract that Granby actively wanted to win and is proud to be selected for.

“It is a very exciting, high profile project for us,” said Joanne Kimber, Granby’s Managing Director.

“The ONS made the right choice in selecting Granby, the services we will provide through this contract are our core key services that we carry out daily and have done so for the last 50 years.

“This project will, of course, be one of our highest priority projects over the next three years. We are absolutely confident that we will deliver a great service solution that will support the field force involved in the census and maintain the highest level of service and delivery that the ONS demands.”

This contract for the ONS further supports Granby’s ongoing focus on fulfilment contracts in the public sector. We were recently re-awarded a fulfilment and distribution contract on behalf of a central government department.

Granby is an independent 3PL fulfilment and promotional marketing solutions business based in Lancashire. Working across the public and private sector, we provide a portfolio of marketing fulfilment and logistics services that help brands connect with their customers.

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