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The power of packaging

It’s not to be underestimated! Attractive and effective packaging is the key to successfully marketing a product, as well as making a powerful impact on those who are on the receiving end. Think of packaging as a first impression – it is the first point of contact of a product with the customers, and it is used to elicit a positive emotional response to the brand in question. According to Nielsen, 64% of consumers try a new product because the package catches their eye, and 41% will continue to purchase a product because they prefer its design.

With these figures in mind, it becomes clear that packaging design has a lot of power over the purchasing decisions of consumers. However, because we are so used to seeing the packaging, we grow to take it for granted after a while, without really considering what makes it so appealing to us. We enter the store, grab what we need, and head to the till to pay, without realising that on some level, we are being subconsciously swayed to purchase one product over another. But, what makes good packaging?

Our packaging experts have shared some thoughts on the power of packaging, the characteristics of good packaging design, and the benefits it can bring to a company.

Brand representation

70% of consumers form their impression of a brand based solely on packaging (Packaging of the World). A strategically crafted and unique packing solution makes a product stand out among its competitors and differentiates your product, giving your brand a unique identity. After all, 63% of consumers agree that product packaging is as important as a brand itself (Packaging of the World), further illustrating that product packaging is an extension of a brands self-representation.

A great example of the power of packaging for brand representation is the UK-based healthy snack company Graze. They adopted sustainable packaging to represent their brand identity of promoting a healthier lifestyle, whilst also strongly influencing the consumer psyche with the artisan look and feel of their boxes. They called on the Bosch-owned packaging company Kliklok to create a packaging initiative that upholds the brand’s identity of a craft, environmentally friendly producer of fresh and healthy snacks.

The packs use no glue, saving additional cost and energy, and are easy to unbox and eat straight away, which further appealed to their target market of busy consumers with an on-the-go lifestyle. Ultimately, this will help the consumer identify with the brand, as their packaging serves as a billboard for their company values of healthy eating/living, which creates brand loyalty and helps the consumers personally identify with the ethos of the company.

Garnering an emotional response

Is it possible for the packaging to be as emotionally engaging as the product inside? Absolutely. Many packaging elements can tap into your buyer’s emotional side and influence their purchase decisions at the initial point of purchase. These elements include things like colour and functionality as two of the main factors.

One brand in particular that ticks these boxes is the luxury wristwatch manufacturer Omega. This year, they are set to release a James Bond themed timepiece that pays tribute to Omega’s favourite spy. It is limited to 7,007 pieces, and the elements mentioned above really shine through when analysing the packaging they designed for the wristwatch.

Firstly, the colour. The box is mainly black, with touches of gold along the sides and the front of the box, with a golden 007 insignia on the lid. Black is commonly associated with power, mystery, strength, authority, and elegance, and the touches of gold speak for passion, courage, and glamour. These adjectives sum up the portrayal of James Bond’s character, and the colours on the box could help conjure up these feelings in the consumer and put them in the shoes of the fictional character.

Upon opening the box, the functionality aspect hits you immediately. Inside, there is a travel pouch, as well as a strap changing tool and an additional stainless steel bracelet for the watch. This kind of functionality is a big selling point for wristwatch enthusiasts, especially within the luxury bracket. The fact that the box serves as both a package but a functional housing for the watch and the accompanying components further illustrates this element of the packaging.

The point is very clear to see – the packaging is meant to make the consumer identify with the big screen’s favourite agent, from the secret agent like functionality of the box with its gadgets and tools, to the bold and striking colour of the packaging print itself. This is a good example of how luxury brands can rely on packaging techniques to create a strong emotional resonance with their buyers.

CSR for the greater good

Companies that go the extra mile when it comes to their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives tend to come up with highly innovative and thought-provoking concepts behind their packaging. A few shoe brands have begun to recognise the urgency of the issue of excessive waste produced by paper production, transportation and disposal of their packaging.

To put this into perspective, think about what comes along with the average pair of shoes bought online. There’s the shipping box, the shoe box, then the tissue paper, plastic baggies, cardboard inserts and other cardboard bits and pieces that are designed to protect the product. These all end up in the bin.

This is exactly what led San Francisco designer Yves Béhar of Fuseproject to create eco-friendly packaging for footwear giant Puma. It is called the Clever Little Bag, and it consists of a recyclable heat-woven bag and a flat-pack cardboard tray that provides structure to the packaging. It uses 65% less cardboard than a standard shoebox, has no laminated printing and does not contain tissue paper.

Best of all, the recyclable heat-woven bag eliminates any need for a plastic shopping bag, giving the end-user an additional product that can extend itself into their day-to-day lives. This initiative was a success for Puma, as it required no changes in its existing global infrastructure. Shipping, assembly, warehousing, and flow to the retail stores could all carry on with little to no modifications.

How can Granby help?

With more than 60 years in the industry, we are contract packing experts, and we can help you get the most out of your contract packing. Our expert knowledge and experience give you a cost-effective, high quality and flexible solution, which in turn gives your customers an experience you can be proud of. We ensure that every product is quality checked before distribution, which guarantees that the highest standards are delivered for you and your brand. Get in touch and talk about your ideas.

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