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The 6 key benefits of contract packing


If your business is struggling to cope with the requirements of packing, or if you are seeking ways to improve your product while cutting your costs, consider outsourcing packing and dispatch to our contract packing solutions team. This guide will outline the benefits of the contract packing we can offer you. Below are just some of the ways our service can help you:

1. Pack irregular and awkward items safely

Contract packers can manually package and distribute delicate, awkward items that could be damaged by industrial packing machines. This can include food products, glassware, toys, electronics, hampers and other irregularly shaped products.

2. Send personalised promotional gifts

Customers love to be rewarded for their loyalty, and companies who offer regular promotional gifts and personalised packages have far higher customer retention levels. Packaging should always suit the brand’s ideals and those of their customers. Contract packing can include plastic-free and recyclable packaging alternatives.

3. Reduce overheads and lower investment

Packaging your own products often requires investment in a number of machines, including conveyor belts, shrink-wrappers and press seals. For a small business, these are significant expenses. Greatly reduce the manufacturing cost by producing in bulk, and outsourcing the packing to a company that already owns the right machinery and equipment.

4. Address periods of peak demand comfortably

Many products have seasonal peaks, and are only in demand during certain parts of the year – and almost all products see an upsurge in interest during the Christmas shopping period, or during sales like Black Friday and Boxing Day. This increase in product demand can be extremely testing for companies. Outsource to a contract packer and free up time for production. The products can even be packaged for you in season-specific colours and styles – or gift-wrapped for Christmas!

5. Outsource tasks so you can focus on manufacturing

Even when demand is low or steady, it can help to free up workers to concentrate on production and development, instead of pouring money and time into packing. Costs for contract packing tend to be much lower than the cost of retaining packing staff and supplying the materials and machines.

6. Built-in quality control process provides reassurance

All the contract packing services we offer carry our own guarantee of quality assurance. Manual packing and machine packing solutions at a dedicated facility will reduce the risk of flaws and defects. Not only will any packaging error be spotted and corrected, but you also add an extra product check before the items reach the market.

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