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Sustainable packaging … it’s the future


Are you looking to reduce your environmental impact and ecological footprint in your contract packing solutions? Opt for sustainable packaging- it’s the future! More and more organisations are choosing to be greener by using packaging which has improved their sustainability and reduced the amount of packaging waste generated by their organisation. Here are some tips on how to convert your organisation to sustainable packaging:

Sustainable packaging: what to consider

Ease of use is important to consider as you don’t want to lose precious time if the alternative to your packaging/packing solution is more time consuming than your previous. Furthermore, your packaging should be cost-effective to you and your business – looking into reusable packaging can actually help you save money on your contract packing solutions in the long-run.

You also need to think about how easy it is to dispose of your sustainable packaging. If your customers will have to take extra measures to dispose of it properly, it might still end up in a landfill due to their lack of time or money. Having a sustainable packaging solution which is easy to dispose of will work in your favour.

Possible sustainable alternatives for VAC forms

Vacuum formed packaging is commonly used across a variety of different industries, thanks to its ease of use and the way it protects and presents products of all shapes and sizes. It’s an attractive choice for manufacturers. However, it is unfortunately not very sustainable having only one life cycle span.

One great alternative to VAC forms is re-usable silicon bagging systems. They are more environmentally friendly as they create less waste in their initial manufacture and can be reused up to 500 times.

Benefits of sustainable packaging

One benefit is your company will become greener in status. Not only is this great for the environment and your own carbon footprint but it can also result in positive publicity for your organisation, attracting more customers and sales. Customers who opt for sustainable organisations will be more likely to shop in your store and buy your products – which will improve customer engagement and relations if you have a rapport and common ground. Consumers are becoming more and more influenced by their carbon footprint and the ecological responsibility of businesses so being green will be a great benefit to you and your sales.

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