May 11, 2018

Web-to-print continues to grow

When it comes to print management, one of the trends revolutionising the market is web-to-print, sometimes also known as remote publishing. A study by InfoTrends [1] found that 46% of businesses had adopted Web2Print services and that investment in the approach is only set to grow.

It’s no surprise that this approach to effective and digitised print management is so popular, as it offers a range of business benefits and a superb customer experience. For example, businesses are already enjoying the following advantages of adopting web-to-print technologies:

Quicker turnaround times

The traditional graphic design, sign off and print ordering process used to be time-consuming and involve many touchpoints. Designers often ended up being forced to liaise with different internal customers for sign-off and a single piece of work could go around the houses waiting to be approved, before it even went to the printer! Today, template solutions and web-to-print digital solutions streamline the entire process, meaning that the artwork can be produced, approved centrally via those with a log-in to the system, and then automatically submitted to the printer with the details of the job.
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Cost advantages

Web-to-print portals offer pre-populated pricing options with choices to be made for paper stock, size, finishing and so forth. This cuts down on time and also means that customers can enjoy more competitive pricing through lesser administration and greater standardisation of the most common types of print.

Ease of reordering

Simply save your artwork in your secure online account and resubmit another order when you need a reprint. This ‘point of use’ solution saves the time, cost and depreciation involved with ordering large batches upfront and then being forced to store the extras.

Benefits for all

Web-to-print solutions are easy for all businesses and organisations to use, and require no specialist knowledge thanks to the ease of the online platforms. This means that public sector bodies, as well as private companies, are able to reap the benefits of enhanced efficiency, better quality print outputs, cost savings, time savings and an overall increase in positive customer experience!

Everyone can do it!

With web to print, you no longer need to be a print expert to submit artwork and successfully order a print job – the system helps you through it and the team is at the end of the line for any queries that you do have. It’s easy and enjoyable – are you ready to try it?



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