February 20, 2018

Why we still love paper in our digital world

There can be no denying that in a digital world, we’re increasingly turning to apps to organise our lives and smartphones to get our daily information fix – but does this mean that paper is on its way out? If the facts and figures are to be believed, this is not the case.

Some of the largest manufacturers of paper products have been enjoying annual growth for years – even though smartphones, tablets and computers have all cornered a share of the market. But why is there still such a love affair with all things paper?

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The classics never go out of style

Put simply, paper documents simply feel more permanent and trustworthy. In addition to this, paper documents aren’t likely to get lost in the cloud or expunged due to an unexpected data loss. Once it’s filed, it’s filed – it couldn’t be easier.

In addition to this, not everybody is a technological genius. When digital developers talk about user experience, they miss out on the best user experience around – opening an envelope and reading ink on paper.

Take some of the oldest historical documents known to man. Scrolls and papers dating back thousands of years are still in readable condition. Paper is ultimately great at what it does – storing vital information in a secure, robust fashion.

Is paperless dead?

Sustainability is a huge factor in the modern world. It’s important to be environmentally conscious to preserve the planet for future generations. Digital documents will undoubtedly play a role in this, but does it have to mean going completely paperless?

All evidence would point to the contrary. On large-scale direct mail operations, print management companies can offset their carbon footprint by used recycled paper stock and ensuring returned mail doesn’t end up in landfill. And what’s more, the demand for paper is simply too great to say goodbye to it forever.

Paper: the people’s favourite

The familiarity of paper will no doubt ensure that paper is here to stay for a long while yet. While people might not always appreciate receiving a bill in the post, they will appreciate being able to read it in a clear and legible manner, on a medium they are familiar with.

For now, this means paper.

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