January 19, 2018

Phone calls are still essential to customer service

In the modern business world, customers have more options than ever before to contact a company. From channels such as email and SMS to social media, the number of ways they can reach you is vast. While these newer forms of communication have become more popular recently, the importance of the phone call has not diminished. Although it may seem a little old-fashioned to some in the current climate, it is still one of the preferred ways a customer will use to talk with an organisation.

Why are phone calls still key to customer service?

In essence, people like to talk to people! Humans are all social animals at heart and we crave that human contact of dealing with other people. Talking on the phone provides this connection and also allows a business to keep a human touch to its contact centre service. This all makes phone calls vital when constructing and maintaining a brand’s customer service strategy and maintaining strong customer relationships.

Resolution of problems is the phone calls secret weapon

When the many other channels of communication have been exhausted, then the phone call really comes into its own. Indeed, many customers still just prefer to talk to a live agent on the phone before anything else. This is especially true for any urgent or complex queries to discuss. Actually talking to a member of staff within a company makes customers feel more valued and also more likely to get their problem solved.

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Recent figures make for interesting reading

A Customer Experience report conducted by Call Center Week recently found that “live voice remains customers’ preferred communication channel”. Digging a little deeper, the reasons behind this conclusion from the report were startling. The most common reasons for making a phone call of the people asked were getting an issue resolved quickly (85%), making a complaint to a real person (46%) and believing that speaking to a real person gave more valid information (30%).

The ‘Multi-Channel’ question

In the marketing industry, the burning question is currently around solving the problem of multi-channel communication. Specifically, which channels of business-customer communication are the most effective and therefore should be focused on? This recent report from Call Center Week would suggest that the humble phone call is still a vital area of customer experience for companies.

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