April 6, 2018

Paper sustainability in catalogue, brochure and magazine printing

When you are sending anything to print, whether it’s a catalogue, brochure or set of business cards, reducing your carbon footprint through the use of sustainable paper will have a positive impact on your business. Sustainable paper is different from recycled. Sustainable paper means that for every tree felled to produce paper another will be planted, whereas recycled paper reuses old paper by breaking it down, bleaching it, and returning it to paper form. Thanks to sustainable products, forest growth of thirty percent has been reported since 1950.

For your business, the use of a print manager who uses sustainable products could mean a reduction in cost, an increase in the use of your company by eco-conscious customers, and the added benefit of knowing your own company is environmentally friendly.

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So before choosing your next print management company, check if they adhere to the following environmental and quality standards:

The Forests Stewardship Council/FSC

Companies who use materials from well-managed forests and/or recycled materials can apply to use the FSC logo. According to the Council, 55% of people in the UK recognise their logo. If you are using a printing manager with permission to use the FSC logo, you are guaranteed a responsibly sourced product that both you and your customers can be proud of.

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification/PEFC

The PEFC is a globally recognised organisation promoting the use of sustainable forest management. If your print company uses paper with this certification you can rest assured you will receive an environmentally friendly product.

ISO 14001

This family of standards gives guidance to companies to help them create businesses that promote environmental sustainability. Making sure anything you print is supplied by a company following these standards will ensure any promotional products you use are environmentally sound.

Eco Management and Audit Scheme/EMAS

This scheme supports companies to evaluate, report and, from this, positively improve the impact they are having on the environment.

So, whether you are managing a large-scale company, or you are just starting out on your own, make sure your printing supplier is eco-friendly by asking about these four organisations/schemes.

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