June 2, 2017

Why on-pack promotions still reign supreme

With a myriad of marketing channels to choose from, it’s remarkable to see that on-pack promotions are still regularly utilised. After all, promotional marketing has been around since the invention of packaging. However, they’re still hugely popular with consumers. They can be also used in innovative ways, tying in with a brand’s other marketing channels.

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On-pack promotions are effective in many ways. Firstly, they make the pack stand out on the supermarket shelf. Next, they encourage loyalty and repeat purchases, especially if you need a certain number of tokens to claim the reward. Most importantly, they encourage sales. People love an offer. In fact, there are large online communities dedicated to getting the most out of on-pack promotions. When they’re done well, they go viral, as much as any social media campaign.

Good examples

Forward-thinking brands drive innovation with their on-pack promotions. We still have the classic ‘save up the tokens’ promotions that have been around for years, such as The Sun’s camping holiday offers. However, we have Nescafe putting a 3D printed alarm clock in the cap of the lids of their coffee jars, you can only turn it off by actually opening a jar of Nescafe. We also have brands partnering up with other brands to drive traffic to each other, such as the promotion between Absolut Vodka and Shazam. If you scanned your Absolut bottle using Shazam, it would take you to a microsite where you could find over 1000 cocktail recipes. It was remarkably effective for both parties.

Shopper Marketing

It used to be that traditional marketing channels, such as TV and radio, would drive shoppers to the on-pack promotion. This still happens, but now shopper marketing is a key driver of on-pack promotions, and continues to be the driving force behind on-pack success.
An effective piece of shopper marketing is all about knowing your consumer, what drives them, where they spend their leisure time, on and offline. As long as brands continue to operate in this way, on-pack promotions will reign supreme for a long time yet.

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