July 14, 2017

How to transform your promotions

Digital promotions can be valuable tools when it comes to marketing. So, what makes a strong digital promotion? And how can you leverage techniques like giveaways for market research and brand loyalty.

Getting interactive

By far the best methods of digital promotion are those which involve a certain level of interaction.

When your users interact with your promotion, it not only builds a rapport between you and them and leaves them wanting to come back for more. It also rewards you with some great free marketing, as their one interaction often gets amplified within their network.

To encourage interaction, you should also consider including bolder calls to action to accompany your videos, images, posts and infographics such as a “Share now” button on your promotional microsite.


Everybody likes free gifts, and those who participate in promotions are often particularly keen.

Giveaways are especially useful when they provide some kind of branded service. If you’re a takeaway delivery company, for example, giving out a free pizza cutter with your branding on it when a customer first orders online is the sort of trick that creates loyalty right from the start.

There’s no reason for a giveaway to be a one-sided transaction, though, and you can benefit too. You could add a compulsory data collection point to the start of your giveaway, and only let the participant claim their prize once they have given you valuable information like an email address or a piece of market research.

Receipt validation

While marketing teams can often see the benefit, promotions risk ending up an organisational headache.

That’s where receipt validation comes in. By providing a platform for users to upload proof that they qualify, the prize-claiming onus is shifted onto the customer and the hassle of answering individual emails and phone calls is removed.

Receipt validation can also encourage long-term brand loyalty. Toy company Hasbro, for example, launched an online platform which allowed customers to upload their receipts and collect points after each purchase – which could later be redeemed for prizes.

In the US, L’Oreal consumers who spent $20 on products were rewarded with a $5 electronic gift card for use in Walmart when they uploaded a picture of their receipt.

Often, companies outsource this function to a digital promotions company who can manage the process for them. If you’d like to find out more, contact us at Granby Marketing.

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