September 11, 2017

Gifting strategies could be key to attracting new customers

Attracting new clients should be a key part of every company’s sales and marketing strategy. As you look to increase revenue from existing customers, you should also be sourcing opportunities to further impact the growth of your business through new customers. Gifting both loyal and new customers is a popular tactic used across industries to increase the positive experience customers have of brands, increasing their likelihood to purchase. Below we’ve listed some great gifting ideas, and the reasons behind why it is such an important tool to use when looking to win and develop relationships with new customers.

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Great gifting ideas

Depending on the sector you work in, you could offer gifts to new customers relevant to the products they usually purchase from you. Beauty companies are one of the best examples of gifting customers, dependant on sales. For example, Benefit makeup offers customers a gift, depending on the amount they spend. This technique is especially impactful around key sales periods such as Christmas, when 36% of all gifts are bought in the UK. A £50 spend generates a small sample sized free product, with increased sales, leading to increased gift amounts – such as full eye makeup palettes. There are several creative solutions you can use to pair your free gifts with certain items you wish to promote, including contract packaging of gifts, where the item is attached through wrapping, or packing to the main item for sale. This can help the set look appealing to entice customers.

Keep it relevant

Sports, and nutrition brands which have grown rapidly in popularity in recent years, have realised the importance of offering customers relevant gifts, that will boost the performance levels of their customers. Offering free trackable fitness devices, and limited time trials on nutritional drinks or food, can be a great way to reward loyal customers, with gifts relevant to the reason they approached your company in the first place.

What can gifting help you to achieve?

Everyone loves to receive gifts, especially from brands they spend a lot of money with, as they will feel they’re being treated in return for their loyalty. Free gift campaigns can raise the profile of your business, attracting new customers who haven’t heard of you, increasing footfall into your store, or online if you run your gift promotions on your e-commerce site. By gifting new customers you’re encouraging them to spend with you – potentially over a brand they’ve been loyal to in the past. Whatever you’re offering, make sure it’s a gift worth giving – make it exciting for customers so that they use it as a talking point about your brand. If you tier your gifting you’ll also directly be increasing the sales you make, encouraging customers to spend more with you to receive a more exciting product!

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