Why is point of sale so important in today's retail environment?

Why is point of sale so important in today's retail environment?

Point of Sale (POS), also commonly referred to as Point of Purchase (POP) is what increases sales in your business, encouraging clients to spend more while also increasing their familiarity with your marketing campaigns and branding. Online shopping is increasing, and this trend is set to continue. In line with this, customers are spending less and less in shops, meaning that you really need to make the most of every customer in todays’ retail environment. However, POS can significantly help with this.

Point of Sale advertising

It has been established that around 70% of in-store purchases are made by consumers on impulse. This means that by using certain displays, advertising or other promotional material you can help to encourage customers to make a purchase based on this. This POS advertising offers customers that extra bit of information which leads them towards a decision, and as such it is key that you have the best possible POS in order to counter the effect of online sales and increase your takings.

Implementation is essential

Correct implementation of POS can really help to drive sales. How POS will be implemented can depend on a number of factors including budget, location and any current campaigns or promotions the POS needs to be associated with. It is also important to consider the target audience of the POS, and tailor your displays to their needs. While POS may come in many forms, including posters, free-standing display units and window graphics, each type and its function within store must be carefully considered in order to make it drive sales as much as possible.

The importance of logistics

In order for POS to really drive sales, they must be visible throughout the retail environment and must tie in with any current campaigns or promotions that you are running. You may have some amazing window decals, or posters designed which will help to drive your sale, but these are useless if you haven’t organised their arrival before the promotion. Remember, employees need time to set up POS in line with the promotion, so ensuring familiarity with positioning and assembling the POS is key, but more important than this is making sure it arrives in store on time!

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