Improving your shopper marketing

Improving your shopper marketing

With the advent of more sophisticated technology, retail shopper marketing efforts are seeing a subtle shift from traditional promotions. People are now more attracted to eco-friendly products, gadgets, and accessories than ever before.

Here are the main things to consider when improving your shopper marketing operations.

Promotional Marketing

It’s imperative that you keep up with the changes in the promotional marketing industry. Here are promotional ideas and trends that will improve your marketing experience.

Quality Still Reigns Supreme

In this industry, quality is something that is becoming recognized as an aspect of extreme importance. That means you have to offer better promotional products than the competition. We are talking about uniqueness and quality here, only top-quality cpromotions will survive. That’s why you have to prioritize quality over quantity.

Let’s face it: it’s 2018. No one wants more of those cheap knick-knacks. In fact, you need to have done away with the idea a decade ago. Considering that consumers have lots of promotional items, you need to give them a reason to keep the giveaway and hold on to it. Therefore, you have to make sure all the promotional items you offer are functional, and most importantly, practical for your clients.

Traditional Promotional Marketing

Radio, print media, billboards, and television dominated the traditional promotional marketing landscape. The rise of new media channels has seen these traditional methods quickly adapt. Some of the ways traditional promotions are used in today’s world include advertising above and below the line, a focus on products instead of brands, and the shift towards speciality topics.

Drive Sales

Some of the things you can do to create value for your high profile customers and drive sales include finding ways to enhance their shopping experience and assigning them your best sales individuals. As such, going the extra mile to serve your high-value customers in the best way possible will drive sales and build brand loyalty.


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