August 29, 2017

The benefits of using a CCS approved print management supplier

Organisations in the public sector can find many benefits through using a Crown Commercial Services approved print management supplier. So, what’s so great about this scheme and what’s on offer?


Crown Commercial Services approved print management suppliers framework

The Crown Commercial Services (CCS) approved print management suppliers framework is open to all public sector organisations and charities. Through the framework, you can access a wide range of services, including fully managed digital and end to end print solutions and tailored managed print solutions, which are altered to fit customers’ individual requirements.

A wide range of products and services in covered by the framework and includes:

• paper and print products, including folders, labels, wallets, envelopes and so on
• pre-production services, including proofs, artwork, design services, photograph re-touching, proof reading, translation, typesetting and so on
• a full range of finishing services

A range of media duplication services, including scanning and microfiche, are offered. Operational print, security print, transactional and direct mail print, large format and wide print are also included, as well as various asset and database management services. Stock management, storage, distribution and fulfilment are also covered.

The benefits of using the CCS approved print management suppliers framework

As you can see, the framework is fully comprehensive in all aspects of print management and satellite services and offers a number of benefits to its users.
Strategic supplier partnerships

Suppliers who form part of the framework will give you the benefit of their expertise and will guide you towards making important savings. They will also give you full support with moving your organisation towards more modern, digital solutions, which, in turn, could save you money.
Transparent price model

Thanks to the transparent pricing model used, you can make cost savings through rationalisation, standardisation, and aggregation of demand. Paper is priced competitively and rate cards are provided showing maximum rates.

Complete digital and print solution

The framework provides a complete print and digital print management solution. All raw materials are sourced, including envelopes and paper, and there is a wide range of other associated services provided as an integral part of core print requirement.

Managed print solution

Regardless of the service you opt for, your supplier will organise and manage the delivery of your print requirements, including supply chain sourcing and management.

The CCS approved print management suppliers framework offers a reliable and seamless service to charities and public sector organisations that could save your organisation money and labour.

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