August 11, 2017

The benefits of outsourcing customer support

According to Forbes* “The single most important thing you can do for your business is to get to work building true customer loyalty, one customer at a time.” Not only are loyal customers generally easier and more enjoyable to work with they can spend up to ‘67% more’ than new customers.** Providing your customers with the highest levels of service is the quickest and most efficient way to meet your growth objectives and achieve your targets, but how do you maintain this consistently on top of running your business?

By outsourcing your customer support you will have peace of mind that each and every time a customer comes into contact with your business, they are receiving the same quality of service. Below we’ve listed out some of the key benefits of outsourcing your customer support.

Cost efficient

Outsourcing your customer support to an external contact centre removes the requirement for you to employ customer support staff in house, saving on resource costs including training and wages. If you outsource your customer support, you may be able to provide your customers with a 24/7 round the clock service, which could be too expensive to operate in house.

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By outsourcing your customer support, you will have the peace of mind that every time your customer contacts your support lines they are speaking to an expert trained in customer service. This will remove the demands placed on your administrative staff, who won’t be expected to act as expert customer support providers, and can be left to complete their other responsibilities.

Beat the competition 

As you provide your customer with consistently excellent customer service, they will remain loyal to your business and you will retain their custom. According to Gartner*** 20% of your customers will create 80% of your profits, which means you can grow and prosper by retaining and developing existing customer relationships through expert customer support.

If you’re interested in speaking to an expert team of customer support advisors, to understanding how outsourcing your service can benefit your business, contact Granby marketing today. You can reach us by phone on: 01254 6820702 or by email on:


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