January 16, 2018

Why we believe supply chain planning is the future

Supply chain planning is a fairly new concept and recently it has evolved to even better connect clients with their customers and to provide a seamless service. Below we explain why supply chain planning is the future.

What is supply chain planning?

The basic principle of supply chain planning is that it is the process that coordinates and streamlines the delivery of products and services between a client and their customer base. This also includes the relay of real-time information, so that the fine balance between supply and demand can be easily achieved.

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Supply chain planning involves many factors

Although the concept of supply chain planning seems simple, it is actually fairly complex and involves many different factors and specialties. It can involve sales and operational planning; collaborative planning that involves projecting forecasts, plus it very often involves demand and inventory planning.

The continuous approach

At the core of supply, chain planning is the need for a continuous approach that will both support and meet the needs of both client and customer. This will also continue to evolve and improve with the arrival of new technologies and a greater understanding of individual needs.

How will supply planning evolve?

Supply chain planning has always been the plan first, followed by executing that plan. But as already mentioned. the shift will be moving towards a continuous and cyclical planning process. The old system of planning and then executing is a lengthy one, and much-needed analysis is lost during this process. The shift is now moving towards continuous team planning that is simultaneously being evaluated.

The internal and external team input

Planning will no longer happen in isolation. Instead, internal and external teams will be involved in the planning and retrieving of vital information. Information will be constantly streamed in relation to supply, demand and any potential risks.

Granby can help you with all of your supply chain planning needs as we are a huge part of this process. We make it work for you! To find out more about how we can help your business with supply chain planning then please do get in touch.

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