October 4, 2017

5 things customers expect from your customer service

One of the key aspects to experiencing success as a business is the way you interact with customers. Maintaining a strong and healthy relationship with consumers is absolutely vital in making sure your organisation continues to move its brand forward.

Here are five features that all customers will expect when they contact you:

1. Customers want you to meet their expectations

When a customer contacts your business they will already have set expectations in place before doing so. This could be how they are dealt with on a personal level or what they want to get out of their discussion with you. Being able to meet these expectations is crucial to your brand as this will dictate the public’s perception of you and your standing with them.

2. Customers want options in how they contact you

In the modern world, people use a variety of mediums in their daily lives and this naturally extends into their dealings with any business. By offering a variety of ways to get in contact, you are meeting this need and showing that your brand is doing all you can to respond to their expectations. Think email, phone, SMS.

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3. Customers expect a timely response

One feature that all customers find vexing is not getting a timely response to any questions or queries. Make sure your business doesn’t fall into this trap and lose customers as a result. Show that your brand values its customers by ensuring all contact is answered quickly, whatever medium it arrives on.

4. Customers want a personalised experience

Being able to offer a personalised experience to consumers is an area that all businesses can excel in. Remember to construct your customer service in such a way that customers are dealt with as people first and consumers second. By doing this, you will keep them happy and show that you care about them personally.

5. Customers want you to solve their problems (first contact resolution)

One of the major negatives with customer service is passing someone around departments in order to get their query resolved. This will frustrate them greatly and possibly mean they pass this bad experience of your brand onto friends and family. Make sure all customer service staff can resolve issues at the point of first contact to avoid this.

As you can see, effective and efficient customer service is a must for any business to succeed. Implementing the strategies above will help your brand to increase not only its visibility with the public but also its good standing with them.

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