November 13, 2017

5 reasons your brand needs a customer satisfaction survey

If there is one key area in continued business growth, it is hanging onto customers. Keeping loyal customers has been found to cost less than attracting new ones whilst also helping to market your brand. Loyal returning customers are far more likely to keep coming back and tell all their friends about you, which is superb for your long-term business plans.

One effective and efficient way to help retain customers is through the use of a customer satisfaction survey.

1. How do your customers feel about you?

If there is one thing a customer satisfaction survey can do like nothing else, it is tell you how your customers view you. As well as a general overview of your brand, it can also help you dig deep into each department so you can see what is really working or not. This sort of information is absolute gold-dust when planning a long-term strategy.

2. An accurate way to measure your efforts

Key to any successful business is making sure that what you are doing is actually working and reaching your intended customer base. Being able to accurately measure how effective marketing campaigns or customer services are at making customers aware of what you are trying to achieve is crucial

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3. Let it grow

Many studies in the past have shown that a satisfied customer will stay loyal to your brand. This naturally leads to repeat business from them as well as the free word-of-mouth advertising it brings. Not only can this save you money in terms of the free marketing you get, but it also is the best way to grow as a business.

4. Shows customers that you care

At the heart of it, we all like to feel appreciated and listened to. Your customers are no different and giving them this feeling will help drive customer loyalty greatly. Asking for feedback from consumers via a customer satisfaction survey gives them the perception that you value them.

5. It gives the personal touch

The modern business world has made great strides towards personalising the service you offer to customers. Through surveys, you can collect the information you need to do just that. It will also allow you to act on any negative feedback and fix a problem you may otherwise not be aware of. You may even want to go as far as offering discounts on selected products to unhappy customers in an effort to keep their business.

Here at Granby, we are experts in this field. If you would like to deliver a personalised customer satisfaction survey to reap the many benefits it brings, get in touch today!

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