August 4, 2017

5 benefits of on-pack promotions

On-pack promotions are a great way to increase the sales of your products and to encourage shoppers to take advantage of a bargain or a great reward. Here are five benefits of on-pack promotions.

Extend typical purchasing season

On-pack promotions are usually seasonal in nature. For example, you could offer a 25% free deal on a larger pack of party food that is intended to last for a limited period, such as over the festive season. By continuing this promotion for an extra few weeks, you can extend the typical purchasing season for this type of product, boosting sales and bringing in more revenue.

New product launch or product trial

On-pack promotions can be a great marketing tool, especially for new products and they can be a very effective way of drawing your product to the attention of shoppers, especially if you are offering a deal that makes your product stand out from that of your competitors.

Shoppers enjoy trialling new things too and everyone has an opinion. Use on-pack promotional literature as a means of telling people that the product is on trial and offer it at a reduced price to further encourage sales.

Encourage multiple purchases

One very effective way of boosting sales is to offer a BOGOF deal: Buy One Get One Free. This can be marketed through on-pack promotions, and teamed with an effective POS display can really add to your bottom line.

Beat the competition

When consumers are faced with a display of similar products, they will instinctively look for the best deal. You can use on-pack promotions to draw the eye of the discerning shopper and persuade them to pick up your product, rather than that of your competition. When combined with a multi-purchase deal, this tactic can bring huge returns.
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Offset price increases
As manufacturer overheads increase, price rises are inevitable and this can lead to a price war between companies marketing similar products. On-pack promotions are a good way of distracting customer focus from the fact that their usual product purchase has increased in price. Offer multi-purchase deals or perhaps a larger pack to give shoppers the feeling that they are getting more for their money.


On-pack promotions can be a great way of increasing your bottom line and keeping your regular customers committed to your brand, which is essential in a competitive and uncertain economy.

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